We'll Get the Job Done

We'll Get the Job Done

Get reliable raccoon removal services in the Manahawkin, Barnegat Township, Stafford Township, and Long Beach Island, NJ area

Did you know that raccoons are a nocturnal species? Since they are more active at night this particular type of wildlife infestation can be hard to recognize. You might be thinking to yourself that a raccoon infestation is not a "big deal", but the truth is that raccoons can be harmful. They are known to cause damage to properties and carry diseases such as rabies, roundworms, and canine distemper.

If you've noticed any of the below signs at your home or business, you might have a squirrel infestation:

•Damage to your property
•Strange sounds coming from your crawl space, basement, or attic
•Animal droppings
•Evidence of feeding such as tipped over trash cans or damage to your flower beds or garden

Only a professional wildlife and pest control expert will be able to properly track down, identify, and treat a wild life infestation. We invite you to contact our pest control company to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced team members.

Once the wild life infestation has been properly addressed we will give you tips on how to avoid a future infestation.