Put an End to Bothersome Itching

Put an End to Bothersome Itching

Tell mosquitos & ticks to buzz off in Manahawkin & Barnegat, Stafford Township, N with mosquito pest control services

Is there anything more annoying than swarms of mosquitoes buzzing around your barbeque? Don't put up with uninvited guests-kick them to the curb with mosquito pest control services from Absolutely American Pest Control.

To make sure those pesky insects are held in check, we'll:

  • Apply an exterior spray around your home.
  • Locate and eliminate mosquito breeding grounds.
  • Treat your property to keep the population under control.

Our mosquito and tick control program is a treatment that controls mosquitoes, ticks, and dozens of other unwanted insects in your yard, while at the same time being applied in a way to not harm beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. You'll want to consider recurring service from April to October, which is peak mosquito season. Contact us today to make a mosquito pest control appointment in the Manahawkin & Barnegat, NJ area.

Put a stop to your tick problem

Going for a stroll through the woods to enjoy some fresh air on a warm spring day might seem like a nice idea, but if ticks latch onto you, you could end up with a tick problem in your home. Ticks are notoriously difficult to get rid of and can carry dangerous diseases, so contact a tick control professional at the first sign of trouble.

Call 609-276-1437 now to schedule tick control services in the Manahawkin, NJ area.