Rid Your Home of Mice

Rid Your Home of Mice

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Did you know that mice are very adaptable creatures? It's true - due to their size, ability to eat a variety of different foods, and talent of squeezing into tight spaces they can live pretty much anywhere.

However, the most common spaces that mice nest in include:

•Inside cabinets
•Behind appliances
•Under furniture
•Within wall voids

Absolutely American Pest Control of Manahawkin, NJ is experienced in tracking down mice nests, removing the rodent(s) from your home, and providing you with tips to avoid future mice infestations.

If you are unclear if you have a mice infestation then you should be on the lookout for the common signs which include:

•Gnaw marks
•Strange noises coming from inside your walls, behind appliances, or under cabinets.

Rest easy at night knowing your house is mice free by calling our Manahawkin, NJ office today to schedule an appointment!